Fluid gel for all skin types.
Protective gel photoprotector against UVA/UVB rays, especially for light or normal skin (Phototype II, III or IV). It also provides adequate sun protection even after aesthetic treatments such as peeling and facial laser treatments.
Its UVA/UVB filter-based body, based on physical and chemical filters, provides adequate skin protection. Thanks to the patented Fernblock® technology, it has an antioxidant effect. Thanks to the special formulation in Silk GEL, it offers unmatched comfort on normal, mixed and greasy skin. The gel with silk effect makes the sun screen invisible to the touch and allows rapid, effective, and soft application.

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The UVA/UVB filtering complex based on physical and chemical filters ensures adequate skin protection. It has an antioxidant and photoimmunoprotective effect thanks to patented Fernblock® technology,. Thanks to the special Silk GEL formulation, it offers unmatched comfort on normal, mixed and fatty skin. Silk effect gel gives “invisible to the touch” sunscreen and allows quick, effective and soft application.