The body’s skin can lose its lipid and water properties, getting crumpled and rough to the touch, with scales and redness. If not cured, dry skin gradually gets worse: rough and stretched areas increase, micro lesions and painful or pruriginal wounds open. The factors responsible for body dryness – especially in the feet, hands, elbows and legs – are external: climatic conditions, temperature fluctuations, excessive exposure to sunbeds, excessive or aggressive washing, medication intake.
Dried and thickened skin can be caused by a lack of hydration of the skin’s superficial layers or be the symptom of a more serious disorder linked to excess keratin accumulation. If not treated properly, roughness and lack of elasticity may turn into burning, itching, erythema, and sometimes cracking or stinging.
To relieve the problem of dry skin, it is necessary to use products that help restore the hydro-lipid skin barrier, helping to improve hydration, helping to soothe and reduce redness, itching and stretching.

Dry and thickened skin

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