Acne is the problem of many teenagers, although in some cases it may also be present in adulthood. It is a known condition for the classical presence of inflammatory lesions of the hair follicle and the sebaceous gland, which give rise to what is commonly called pimples or forunculus (papules, pustules, nodules). It also occurs with non-inflammatory lesions, such as comedones (black spots and white spots). Acne is a more complex disease than we think. There are several classifications in relation to the severity of the clinical situation. It not only appears on the face, but also on the chest and in the areas between the shoulder blades. Due to the physical and psychological discomfort of the disease, it is crucial to contact a dermatology specialist immediately after the first symptoms appear. It usually heals between 25-28 years of age, but there is also late acne that goes beyond 30 years of age.
Acne skin needs specific daily attention to help purify and normalize the excess of sebum that blocks the hair follicles. For this reason, in addition to always having a healthy lifestyle, starting with eating, and avoiding accumulation of occlusive substances on the skin, you can help counteract acne with products specifically formulated for skin with acne tendency: from cleansing, which must be delicate and with a sebum-normalizing effect, to peeling that helps to counter hypercheratinization; from daily hydration with a normalizing and opaque sebum activity, to the use of a specific product to help counteract blemishes.