The first wrinkles begin to appear at 30 years of age, and they are different and deeper than those caused by facial expressions.
Wrinkles are skin grooves caused by age-related collagen loss, environmental agents, and lifestyle.
Collagen is a protein that has a structural function in our skin: it acts as a protective structure and this is why when the reserves diminish, the skin gives way, losing elasticity and becoming opaque. There are specific products for the early signs of aging, full of antioxidant substances that can help enhance collagen and elastin formation.
It is true that aging is a genetically determined process, but it is possible to slow it down and work to improve the appearance of skin using specific products, anti-aging cosmetics with a nutritive, moisturizing, polishing and restorative effect that help eliminate the surface layer of dead cells.
After the first wrinkles, or early signs of photo-aging, the skin needs vitamins and antioxidant substances to help counteract the production of free radicals. These ingredients, generally contained in all creams for the treatment of early signs of skin aging, if constantly in contact with the skin, exert both a preventative effect and a net improvement in appearance: the face’s skin becomes more toned and elastic, brighter and with a more uniform colour.