There are many types of dermatitis, but what the various types have in common is an inflammatory reaction that is the basis of skin irritation, with a reddening of the skin and the appearance of pomphos or vesicles, or with discomfort and itching at the affected area. Symptoms may affect different areas of the body or face.
Since the cause of dermatitis is not always known, in many cases it is called “contact”, that is due to contact with or use of an unacceptable product. It usually occurs with pruriginal skin reactions characterised by redness and the appearance of small vesicles.
Seborrheic dermatitis is a common condition of the scalp and it results in the loss of greasy scales also in areas with many sebaceous glands (skin areas like the back of the ears, chest, nose, eyebrows) in the inguinal or axillary area.
Atopic dermatitis, also known as “eczema”, and it causes intense itching, redness and skin dryness due to an alteration of the skin’s barrier. It is characterised by cycles of alternation between periods without problems and more acute and annoying manifestations.
Depending on the type of dermatitis and the area of ​​the body affected by it, a specific product can be chosen to help keep the symptoms under control, help diminish the disturbances, and try to make the skin more aesthetically healthy.


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