BiRetix® Gel Ultra

Idrogel with an exfoliating and moisturizing effect, useful in case of acne-like facial skin.
Non-fat hydrogel based on RetinSphere®, BIOPEP.15 and a set of ingredients with exfoliating properties (Salicylic acid), antioxidants (Vitamin E), moisturizing and soothing.
Its formulation is particularly suitable for improving the condition of sensitive skin that is affected because, thanks to BIOPEP.15 and the two Vitamin A derivatives found in RetinSphere®, it helps slow and counteract the growth of microorganisms and the obstruction of sebaceous follicles by helping reduce the formation and development of comedones. It has an exfoliating and smoothing effect in a gentle way, without damaging already affected skin.
The presence of Vitamin E provides an antioxidant effect that helps counteract the proliferation of free radicals, known for their role in aggravating poor skin conditions.

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The combined effect of BiRetix® Gel Ultra components contributes to protecting the skin from external agents responsible for the typical appearance of acne-like skin. In particular, the two Vitamin A derivatives found in RetinSphere® help reduce the formation and development of comedones, while the bioactive peptide BIOPEP.15 helps slow the growth of microorganisms. Salicylic acid exfoliates and smoothes the skin without damaging skin that has already been affected. The Vitamin E performs an antioxidant effect, counteracting the proliferation of free radicals. The product helps to slow the growth of microorganisms and counteract the obstruction of pileblood follicles.

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