Cosmetici Magistrali Primæcure Ceramidi

Fibrous balancing cream, restoring the correct skin-lipid film of dry, reddened skin. It improves hydration, soothes and reduces reddening, minimises itching and tension. The skin returns to being smooth, soft and protected. Thanks to the balanced supply of natural ceramides of three types extracted from Opuntia Oil and Raspberry Oil, it contains the physiologic lipid component of skin.

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Thanks to the formulation of ceramides in liquid crystals and carried by the presence of lecithin, the texture of the product, although dense, is fluid and easily absorbed. Physio-balancing efficacy is constant over 12 hours. The high concentration of Vitamin E gives the product a particular soothing and antioxidant effect, making it the ideal daily ally of dry skin, naturally reddening or sensitizing treatments.