Adjuvant for physiological hair regrowth.
Tricostimolin-a helps fortify hair and stimulate its physiological regrowth. Tricostimolin-A vials help counteract early hair loss by intervening on non-pathological factors: hormones and androgens block hair growth; vascular, the small network of capillaries that nourishes the hair is ​​altered by adversely affecting the vital hair cycle; stress, and the consequent production of free radicals, causes continuous damage to hair; food, the reduced supply of essential nutrients for hair growth, results in impoverishment.
The ingredients of Tricostimolin-a help to prevent oxidative stress by combating the formation of free radicals; strengthen the structure of hair; integrate the complex of essential trace elements for proper trophism of hair and scalp; make hair soft, shiny, silky and easily combed.
Useful for telogen effluvium due to rigid diets, postpartum period, stress, poor diet and seasonal change.

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It assures essential trace elements for the proper trophism of hair and the scalp.
It combats progressive miniaturization of the hair follicle. It prevents the formation of free radicals
responsible for the alteration of microcirculation at the level of the hair bulb. It strengthens the structure of the hair by enhancing the effect of the Lysine and Cysteine, indispensable to hair keratinization, thereby countering the growth of weak hair.
Ideal as a adjunct to physiological hair regrowth that affects the major non-pathogenic defluvium (postmenopausal, slim-slimming diets, stress, poor diet regime).

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