Our philosophy

We are a healthcare company celebrating life by embracing science with an enthusiastic and optimistic spirit, developing pioneering ideas that help people improve their well-being. This is why our philosophy is based on four pillars:



We believe that our success is based on balance: a balance between growth and coherence (sustainability), between science and ethics, intuition and reason.

Knowing how to transform ideas into concrete actions, combining creativity and innovation, has led us to invest 12% of turnover in research and development over the last 25 years. Our ability to anticipate needs, bringing the future closer, has led us to create a new, highly productive and state-of-the-art manufacturing and research centre in Spain.

Taking risks while maintaining constant respect for people leads us to privilege the social responsibility of our group by creating stable jobs, generating added value for the community and the countries in which we operate. These are the key elements that forge our ethical dimension and entrepreneurial spirit and make us stand out.


Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper has developed a true culture of cross-cutting innovation that flows into every single activity and strategic approach.

Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper has developed a method of innovation that combines two different approaches: to understand and provide solutions to patient needs through continuous dialogue with skin care professionals and, on the other hand, to anticipate their needs, creating new responses to treatment issues.

Together with the innovative capabilities of our laboratories and our collaboration with national and international Universities and research centres, this culture allows us, in the present day, to supply products developed based on exclusive and scientifically proven technologies such as Fernblock®, SCA®, AM3®, CAF®, RETINSPHERE®, POL®


We work day-by-day making the health and well-being of our employees a priority, with our attention also extended to suppliers and customers.

Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper employees know that they are part of a unique company. Respect, joy and enthusiasm, empathy, security, and agreement are fundamental values that allow each employee to give their best in their work, supported by a positive and encouraging environment.

The serenity of being able to try new things without the fear of making mistakes creates a professional and emotional impulse that can generate added value daily, as well as the impulse that allows us to face ever-more complex projects and challenges. Mutual trust creates the right synergy between competences, creating complete integration between individuals and business goals.


The Cantabria Labs Group’s Principles, Values and Results in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility are a major source of pride for all of us.

Our celebration of life through science cannot fail to merge into a solid commitment dedicated to those who need development for a dignified quality of life or the female world, which is always at the centre of our attention. For 20 years, the Cantabria Labs Group has been involved in a concrete project in the Turkana region to allow populations to survive and find the basis for their own development. We have worked for a long time in this area for the construction and development of dams, roads, wells, gardens, schools, with the intention of providing the population with the basic resources needed for a better future.

Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper’s commitment in the safeguard of its employees, (composed mostly by women) through specific policies and actions, has led us in 2021 to receive the award “Health Friendly Company” from the ONDA Foundation, the National Observatory on Women’s Health, whose goal is to promote primary prevention, early diagnosis and therapeutic adherence, with a special focus on women.
In addition, our collaboration with the What Really Matters Foundation, which aims to promote the development and dissemination of universal human, ethical and moral values to young people and the general public, represents a vision of life that we agree with and support.