Adjuvant cream based on MICROBIOMA BALANCE TECH®, an innovative complex composed of a mixture of ingredients that help re-balance the skin’s microbiological environment.

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EUTROSIS DS cream is an intensive soothing adjuvant treatment for normalising the squamous epithelium. Its soothing re-equilibrating action helps reduce the effects and visible signs left by seborrheic dermatitis and other forms of dermatitis.
Due to its re-equilibrating action, MICROBIOMA BALANCE TECH ® helps contrast redness providing relief from itching and contributes towards preventing its re-occurrence.
Can be used on its own or in combination with other treatments.

Soothing cream for normalising squamous epithelium. Adjuvant treatment with soothing re-equilibrating action for skins altered by dermatitis, including facial seborrheic dermatitis.