Eutrosis 500

Intensive moisturizing cream.
Intensive moisturizing adjuvant for dry skin, with serious types of Xerosis and Hyperkeratosis.
Ideal for skin dryness and scaling conditions and as a adjunct in conditions such as psoriatic tenderness, elderly xerosis, dry eczema and ichthyosis.
Based on Urea, allantoin and vegetable extracts, it is a rich formula of substances that help increase the ability to bind water and restore normal cheratonization.

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It is a urea, allantoin and vegetable extracts based cream that increases the ability of the stratum corneum to bind water and restore, along with normal skin keratinization, the proper barrier function of the skin. It is particularly recommended in the treatment of those dermatological diseases where skin dryness occurs. In conditionswhere there is an alteration of the skin barrier function, it restores the normal physiological characteristics of the skin. Thanks to its keratoplasty, moisturizing and antioxidant properties, it is recommended for the treatment of dryness and scaling and is a coadjuant in forms such as psoriasis, xerosis, dry eczema and ichthyosis.