Cosmetici Magistrali Nutriage Eye Balm

Eye Contour Repair Balm

Nutriage Eye Balm is a multi-performance nourishing anti-aging treatment for eye contours, formulated using the exclusive Melatosphere® technology, Melatonin encapsulated in “Oleosphere”, precious dermo-affine vegetable oils (Avocado, Opuntia and Rose Hip), capable of counteracting oxidative damage and restoring the skin barrier. Formula enriched with Tetrapeptide, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid and extracts of Ash bark, with a nourishing, decongestant and soothing effect.


Restores softness and elasticity to skin. The eye contours are revitalised, bright, as though plumped up.

Nutriage Eye Balm is specifically formulated for mature eye contours marked by wrinkles, bags and dark circles.