Avalon Fluid Cleanser 500ml

Gentle cleanser.
A hydrolyzed oat protein-based cleanser that esnures gentle cleansing, with respect to the hydrolipidic film, in the presence of dry and delicate skin.
Removes skin impurities naturally because of its moisturizing and soothing effect.
Due to its gentle effect it is suitable for all skin types, normal, dry, sensitive, and even of those of the elderly, babies and those who suffer from dermatitis. It can be used for both shower and bath, and can be applied to hair.

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It is emollient, moisturizing, soothing and protects the functionality of the hydrolipid film of the skin. It cleanses the skin with a pleasant hydration sensation and soothes any reddening. It is recommended for gentle, moisturizing and soothing cleansing of normal, dry and/or sensitive skin. Particularly recommended in the gentle cleansing of the elderly and children’s skin. Suitable for both shower and bath, it can also be used on hair. It is able to remove the impurities of the skin naturally.