Advanced skin protection for sensitive and reactive face and body skin.
Daily wide ranging sunscreen cream (UVB, UVA, Visible and Infrared) with antioxidant effect thanks to the presence of Fernblock® FC.
It is a new generation product with advanced solar filters: it contains only mineral physical filters, which make it particularly suitable for sensitive and reactive skins, intolerant to chemical filters. Also suitable for children’s skin.

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Lightweight fluid texture that ensures easy, uniform and rapid absorption, leaving a pleasing soft feeling on the skin. It has a total photoprotector effect that ensures:


  • Maximum spectrum coverage (UVB, UVA, Visible, Infrared-A) due to the presence of the Bioshield System, specific photo protector shield against visible and Infrared-A radiation

  • wide ranging protection in a formulation based on a balanced blend of mineral physical filters (10% zinc oxide + 12% titanium oxide)

  • An intense antioxidant effect that neutralises free radicals thanks to the presence of Fernblock® FC

  • an effect that contributes to repairing damage from exposure to the sun due to the presence of Roxisomes

  • Optimal photoprotective effect, thanks to the lightweight texture that ensures proper application while leaving an invisible film on the skin. The homogeneous dispersion of the filters in the formula ensures uniform protection.

  • Mat Effect (Nylon-12: helps reduce lightness by absorbing excess of sebum)

It is suitable for sensitive and reactive skins for those who do not tolerate chemical filters.